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100 - 200m1 School

Directions   Earl Haig Secondary School100 Princess Avenue, North York 160m

200 - 300m2 Schools

Directions   EHSS100 Princess Avenue, North York 236m
Directions   Lexis Canadian Language Academ106 Parkview Av, North York 273m

300 - 400m6 Schools

Directions   Fun with Langugaes Kids Learning Program42 Norton Avenue, North York 350m
Directions   학교5075 Yonge Street, North York 357m
Directions   SGICUpper Madison College, 7H3, 5075 Yonge Street, North York 360m
Directions   Yamaha Music School5075 Yonge Street, North York 363m
Directions   Northern Lights Preparatory College5075 Yonge Street, North York 363m
Directions   Oxford College of Canada5231 Yonge Street #203, North York 393m

400 - 500m6 Schools

Directions   ecole secondaire etienne brule5160 Yonge Street, North York 403m
Directions   Don Mills Employment Services1090 Don Mills Road Suite # 406, North York 404m
Directions   escola3 Park Home Avenue, North York 462m
Directions   Claude Watson School for the Arts130 Doris Avenue, North York 474m
Directions   McKee Public School35 Church Avenue, North York 499m
Directions   Continuing Education Office5050 Yonge Street, North York 499m

500 - 600m3 Schools

Directions   Mrs. Tutor5000 Yonge Street Suite # 1901, North York 541m
Directions   Lansing Co-Operative Nursery School80 Church Avenue, North York 545m
Directions   EmMusic Piano Studio4978 Yonge Street Suite #605, North York 583m

600 - 700m10 Schools

Directions   Piano Teacher's Ava88 Grandview Way, North York 601m
Directions   OM TORONTO Meditation, Healing Arts, Yoga & Workshop Centre55 Spring Garden Avenue Suite 200, North York 609m
Directions   Yorktown Montessori School349 Kenneth Avenue, North York 651m
Directions   凯特教育 | 多伦多最专业的SSAT/SAT培训30 Canterbury Place unit 1003, North York 652m
Directions   Beecroft Learning Centre250 Beecroft Road, North York 668m
Directions   Learning Centre for Children with Autism (The)250 Beecroft Road, North York 668m
Directions   Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts36 Greenfield Avenue, North York 668m
Directions   Shining Through Centre250 Beecroft Road, North York 670m
Directions   Toronto Tennis Lessons5 Northtown Way, North York 677m
Directions   Rose's Natural Healing Clinic4920A Yonge Street, North York 694m

700 - 800m13 Schools

Directions   Academic School R100 Upper Madison Avenue, North York 721m
Directions   New Mozart School of Music169 Willowdale Avenue, North York 721m
Directions   140 Borough Drive, Scarborough80 Sheppard Avenue East, North York 725m
Directions   Metropolitan Separate School Board Archives80 Sheppard Avenue East, North York 727m
Directions   Princeton Academy of Canada156 Willowdale Avenue, North York 729m
Directions   Montessori Schools Elementary Campus157 Willowdale Avenue, North York 750m
Directions   Central Montessori School157 Willowdale Avenue, North York 758m
Directions   Susan Chemm Piano Studio22 Horsham Avenue, North York 773m
Directions   Cms maple hurst180 Maplehurst Avenue, North York 777m
Directions   MathClinic-plus Tutoring Group (Willowdale)142 Willowdale Avenue #305, North York 788m
Directions   Reading Town North York Campus (English &Math)2nd floor, 142 Willowdale Avenue, North York 788m
Directions   Kumon Math & Reading Centre5418 Yonge Street #1, North York 789m
Directions   Contemporary Dance Studio (Toronto, North York)100 Sheppard Avenue East #140, North York 797m

800 - 900m4 Schools

Directions   Central Montessori & Private French School181 Maplehurst Avenue, North York 814m
Directions   Tor Catholic School BD Employees Cu80 Sheppard Avenue East, North York 842m
Directions   Academy Of Excellence128 Willowdale Avenue, North York 849m
Directions   Music Lessons for Children in Toronto120A Willowdale Avenue, North York 877m

900 - 1km11 Schools

Directions   Eton Academy222 Sheppard Avenue East, North York 914m
Directions   Parent Relief45 Sheppard Avenue East #900, North York 924m
Directions   바우하우스 미술학원2nd floor,, 5447 Yonge St, North York 936m
Directions   Bauhaus Academy for the Art5447 Yonge Street, North York 936m
Directions   Keyan Emami5 Sheppard Avenue East, North York 950m
Directions   Great Lyn International Academy1101- 4789 Yonge Street, Toronto 984m
Directions   clc5460 Yonge Street #301, North York 984m
Directions   Early Bird Education Inc.Unit 1209, 4789 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 0C8 Yonge St, North York 989m
Directions   Academy Of Excellence5467 Yonge Street, North York 994m
Directions   Canadian Language Centre5460 Yonge Street, North York 994m
Directions   PREPSKILLS Inc5460 Yonge Street, North York 994m
* NOTE: Schools that serve your address are determined by the school board and/or relevant government bodies. The list above is for information purposes only.