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500 - 600m4 Schools

Directions   Ashtanga GTA3103-23 Hollywood Avenue, North York 524m
Directions   Mrs. Tutor5000 Yonge Street Suite # 1901, Toronto 541m
Directions   EmMusic Piano Studio4978 Yonge Street Suite #605, North York 583m
Directions   FUTURE UP INC5330 Yonge Street unit 201, North York 592m

600 - 700m2 Schools

Directions   Toronto Tennis Lessons5 Northtown Way, North York 671m
Directions   Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts36 Greenfield Avenue, North York 685m

700 - 800m5 Schools

Directions   New Mozart School of Music169 Willowdale Avenue, North York 721m
Directions   Susan Chemm Piano Studio22 Horsham Avenue, North York 773m
Directions   MathClinic-plus Tutoring Group (North York)305-142 Willowdale Avenue, North York 788m
Directions   Reading Town North York Campus (English &Math)142 Willowdale Avenue 2nd floor, North York 788m
Directions   Contemporary Dance Studio (Toronto, North York)140-100 Sheppard Avenue East, North York 797m

800 - 900m1 School

Directions   Clinton International College1 Elmhurst Avenue, North York 828m

900 - 1km4 Schools

Directions   Bauhaus Art School5447 Yonge Street, Toronto 935m
Directions   凯特教育 | 多伦多最专业的SSAT/SAT培训250 Sheppard Avenue East Suite 207, North York 944m
Directions   Key Music Studio5 Sheppard Avenue East Unit 3519, North York 954m
Directions   Ontario Virtual School4789 Yonge Street Unit 1206, North York 987m
* NOTE: Schools that serve your address are determined by the school board and/or relevant government bodies. The list above is for information purposes only.